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How Poverty and Stress ‘Reduces Chances Of Getting a Job’

Poverty and JobIt was widely discussed in the past that poverty and stress might reduce one’s chances of getting a job. It was just a theory, but recently, a study was made that clearly showed the correlation between poverty and stress and employment.

This study, conducted in the United Kingdom has shown that if unemployed people are not given any kind of incentives, as is being done today, people will be forced to go into a survival mode, and especially nowadays, when there is a squeeze on the benefits for these people. It was proven that these people are then unable to find any kind of a job for themselves.

It was also proven that even the people who are employed feel trapped in poverty, and all of this is because of the low salaries, lack of contracts, and pay cuts and cuts to housing benefits and various taxes. This led people to believe that, even though they have a job, they do not feel any better, in a financial sense. This study warned us that the entire families are on the edge of becoming stricken with stress and anxiety, and are on the brink of poverty.Poverty and Job

This study was conducted in London, and tried to show hog big of an impact the welfare reform had on individual people, and if it can change these people’s minds and get them to work. It tried to see the difference between the people with salary cuts and people working part time jobs, and between people who had benefits. It proved that almost all were affected by some sort of a pay cut and some of them even by several combined ones.

The Government claimed that these reforms were conducted to help people and provide incentive to those who are unemployed, only one of the people who were interviewed, a mother of three, said that she was motivated by the possibility of losing her income to find a job. However, the vast majority of those interviewed said that these cuts had extremely negative consequences, and had even made them feel stressed and unable to cope with any kinds of changes in income that may occur to them. Some Poverty and Jobof them were even evicted from their homes, while others could not pay for heat, and are now burning logs to keep themselves warm. Some of them have even gotten into debts, and now they don’t know how to repay them.

People feel that there is no more flexibility, because the cuts are becoming ever so bigger, and occurring ever so faster. They feel that there is no more comfort in their lives. Some of them even said that they were barely surviving.

So, as we have seen, these reforms do not provide people with the security they were meant to provide. Instead, they are doing exactly the opposite: making people more poverty stricken and stressful, so they cannot even land a job, and if they have it, chances are that these things will cause them to leave it, or worse.